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Getting Your Learners

To get your Learners License you need to pass a theory based test. This comprises of 35 questions about the road rules. To pass you need to be able to answer at least 32 of them correctly. In order to prepare for this have a read through the road code and practise some questions.

You can borrow the rode code from the local libraries, purchase it at bookstores or online, or you can even read it online!

Go to online copy of the road code

The AA website has a free quiz with the same questions that are in the actual test!

Have a go at the AA quiz

Here is a personal account from Paige Gilmore of her getting her learners!

When I went for my learner licence I was super excited but also really nervous! It was the day after my 15th birthday (because you cannot book on the day of your birthday) after school. I walked to the AA building in Blenheim and got there about 10 minutes before the test was due to start. I studied for a bit while I waited, on the questions I felt like I needed to revise.

They called me up to the computer and I sat down...and failed = (I got 5 questions wrong, not even close!)

Next time I went for my learners (because there was no way I was going to miss being able to drive!) was about a month later. I know it may seem like a long time but time just flies by when everything’s really hectic and plus I thought I needed to revise a bit more.

So I went in same time, same place and I sat at that computer again and...FAILED!!!! AGAIN =(and what’s worse I got 6 wrong this time! SO not even close!).

At this stage I was freaking out and asked the kind lady at the AA how it was even possible that I could do worse second time round. I told her I studied the book heaps and the same with the questions at the back. She told me that was probably the problem...I studied too much! 'OK,' I thought, 'no more studying for this thing, I’ll just wing it.' And guess what! It worked this time I passed (YAY!!!!!) with only 1 question wrong.

So here are some things that I hope will help you guys:

  • Don’t overthink things. When you get one question wrong, don’t panic, remain calm!
  • Read the book - not just the questions at the back of the book (but not too much).
  • There are questions on the AA website if you want a change in study.
  • Take your passport when you go in (or other ID) and a proof of address that has been issued within the last six months.
  • Be ready to have your photo taken.
  • BE CALM!!!
  • You can skip questions you can’t remember at that time and come back to them later.
  • Get there 10 minutes before and quiz yourself quickly but don’t be panicky about it.
  • Make notes on questions you don’t know and revise until you do!
  • If you can’t read or understand any of the questions there are staff there more than happy to help you.
  • The computer grades your answer as soon as you click submit on it and shows you what you got straight away. It can be quite unnerving when you see the giant red cross come up on the screen but just take a deep breath - it actually helps.
  • You are only allowed three questions wrong and even if you know you got three wrong you still have to complete the test.

So, I hope this helps you out heaps and that you pass your learners!!

Happy studying!