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Sports Talk

In Sports Talk we find out more about our local sports stars…


Sports Talk: Alice Overend talks team sailing.

Name: Alice Overend
College: Queen Charlotte College

What is your sport? Sailing/Team sailing
What have you achieved in the sport? Won bronze fleet at nationals last year, came first at Regionals this year, went to Canberra for Interdominions where our team placed second out of the top New Zealand and Australian girls teams.
What first attracted you to this sport? I loved the sea and used to watch the regattas being held in Picton and thought it was something I’d like to do.
How did you first start playing this sport? I did a learn to sail course at the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club, made heaps of new friends and enjoyed learning in a competitive environment. Just went from there going to competitions to compete and there was always lots of support from other sailing families.
What tips for succeeding would you give someone interested in taking up this sport? Take every opportunity to have time on the water. It’s definitely a sport which requires a lot of time and effort to train and learn and you can only get better with time on the water. Don’t be afraid of rough conditions the situations when your out of your comfort zone is when you’ll learn the most. But most of all have fun! It’s a great life skill and once you know how to sail you will never forget.