Around school

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Around school

Nearing the end of your time at college you may get your license and be able to drive to school. However school is a busy place before and after school when you are driving so look out for other students when in the car.

Here are some tips to keep everyone safe when driving around school:

  • Try to get to school a bit earlier and leave a bit later to avoid the busy rush around school. Also, if you are early in the morning it is easier to get a good park
  • If you can get a park that you can pull straight out of instead of having to back out
  • Watch out for other students getting on and off buses!
  • Go slowly - there is no need to rush
  • Don’t park over fire hydrant road markings as you could block the area a fire engine needs to park in an emergency - plus you will probably get a ticket!
  • Don’t leave your valuables in the car where they can be seen