Your license

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Your license


There are three different drivers’ licenses - the learners, restricted and full. Each stage of licensing has different license conditions. These are:

To get your Learners License you must pass a theory test about the road rules.
The conditions of driving on your learners license is that you must have a supervisor who is someone that has held their full license for two years or more. Learner plates must be displayed at all time when driving.

The test to get your Restricted License is a practical driving test.
The conditions of driving on your Restricted License are that you may not drive any passengers unless a supervisor is sitting in the front passenger seat and agrees and you can only drive between the hours of 5.00 am and 10.00 pm.

Like the Restricted License the Full License test is also a practical driving test.
The Full License allows you to carry passengers and has no time restrictions of driving hours.