Future of Work conference 2019

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Future of Work conference 2019

Conference registrations are now open!

Register for this event here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Registrations close 27th May 2019.

About the Future of Work conference 2019

There is real merit in developing our local talent and ensuring they are well placed to prosper in tomorrow’s workforce. We also recognise that Marlborough business is at the cutting edge of many industries, and that the best opportunities for our young people may lie right here in our region.

This is a one day conference aiming to showcase what the workplace of tomorrow looks like for Marlborough’s young people (mainly Year 12 & 13), and to inspire them to become part of the region’s future.

When? Wednesday 12th June 2019
Where? Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim, Marlborough

The day includes;

  • Keynote speakers – stories of inspiring possibilities in the workplace of tomorrow
  • Workshop streams – smaller group sessions covering employ-ability skill-sets for the future, and local industry perspectives on what future of work means
  • Interactive industry stations – local industry demonstrations and interactive displays highlighting technological changes and career pathways
  • Local success stories – young people developing bright career paths.

Plus lots more!

Future of Work conference 2019