Youth Week 2019

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Youth Week 2019

Youth Week began in 1995 with a handful of events scattered throughout Canada. Since then it has gathered momentum and is now celebrated each year in countries all around the world. It came to Aotearoa New Zealand Youth Week in the late 1990s. It was previously coordinated by NZAAHD until 2010 when Ara Taiohi took over. Youth Week runs for 9 days in May each year.

Held every May, Youth Week is a nationwide festival of events organised by young New Zealanders to celebrate the talents, passion and success of local young people.

Youth Week recognises the amazing contributions and achievements of young people in New Zealand. The week inspires us to value, support, and affirm the diversity of young people in our society.

Pink shirt day 2019 commences at Marlborough Girls College (part of Marlborough Youth Week events)