Things to do in Isolation

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Things to do in Isolation

Marlborough youth are approaching the COVID-19 situation well, being savy with operating online already and keeping connected!

Below are a few links and ideas of things to do in isolation. Check back - we'll be adding more in the next few days.

Local Stuff

Marlborough Youth Trust

Posts Monday - Friday from the team members at MYT. Sharing interesting ways to connect and activities relating to the five ways to wellbeing.

Follow Marlborough Youth Trust on Facebook

Sport Tasman

Catch me if you can - join the challenge post/share your distance/steps/activities.

Inspire YOU - tap into concepts from Te Whare Tapa Wha (the five points of well-being) happening weekdays on Facebook.

2020 Isolation Olympics.

Go to Sport Tasman's Facebook page

Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000

Online workouts from local instructors.

Go to the stadium's Facebook page

Marlborough District Libraries

Online books and eAudio

Go to the eBooks and eAudio page on the library website


Check in on college Facebook pages - especially to get online learning information.

New Zealand Stuff

All Right?

Christchurch based organisation offering support for mental wellbeing when people are faced with a real change in their lives. Resources and ideas available free.

Check out the All Right website

Ara Taiohi

Youth Development organisation.

Go to the Ara Taiohi website

Ministry of Youth Development

Miss Conception - short film competition open until 8 May.

Getting Through Together kit.

Find Ministry of Youth Development on Facebook

Thinking outside the box

As the novelty of being home with some time on your hands starts to fade … what else could you be tackling?

  • Are you planning to take your driver’s licence test this year? Why not use the time to get your road code study underway. Check out the AA website for their practice quiz.
    Go to AA website practice quiz
  • Visit an art gallery/museum/zoo - virtually of course! This is a unique time where you can get a free chance to look at art on the other side of the world for free and with no queuing! Also zoos are recording the extra freedom many of the residents have while people aren’t visiting.
    Find virtual tours from around the world
  • Get in touch with friends or family who don’t live in your area. Now is a great time to send a message to an old school friend who left the area or get to know those distant rellies!
  • Let’s Chalk About - create positive messages and images on your local footpath.

Remember online safety at this time - check security settings for sharing spaces, and proceed with the same usual caution you would regarding people you don't know.

For feedback or to share great ideas with others please email: