Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying

Cyber/Online bullying

More often than not these days bullying can take the form of online bullying/harassment/abuse. Online bullying can be categorised as when someone has posted online that:

  • Tries to get someone to hurt themselves
  • Shares intimate images without consent
  • The majority would think is very offensive
  • Shares someone’s sensitive private information without their permission
  • Puts someone down because of their gender, religion, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Is indecent or obscene
  • Threatens to hurt someone or damage their property
  • Makes a false allegation about someone
  • Shares confidential information about someone without their permission
  • Encourages other people to send harmful messages to someone

Netsafe is an organisation that provides free online safety advice.

Go to the Netsafe website for advice if you or a friend is being bullied