Your future

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Your future

Your Future

There are so many options for you when you leave school.

The options don't lie between going to university or getting a job and being on minimum wage for the rest your life.

Your options are endless - what is important though is that you follow your dreams!

If you are not sure what career pathway you want to follow, try Career Quest and see if it can come up with some ideas for you suited to your interests.
Find out about Career Quest

If you want to continue studying after you leave college you could look at going to University, or a Tertiary Institute, or to a Polytechnic.
See the options of Unis

We have listed what students from Marlborough thought of studying at some of these Tertiary Education Providers.
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The ability to fund further studies can scare people off, but there are ways out there to help you. Find out more in
How you go about funding your studies

Another way to train up for the career path you are interested in is by working as an apprentice. If you don’t like classrooms then this could be a good option for you.
Visit the National Careers website with apprenticeship information.

If are really just not sure about what you want to do when you leave school, why not take a gap year? Gap years are a great way to try and work out what to do with your life, or have a break from studying, or even earn some money to continue with your studies!
Go to Gap Years for some ideas