Career navigator

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Career navigator

Career Navigator is the last step before students leave school, enter the world and embark on their career journey. This programme helps students navigate their way through the endless career opportunities presented to them.

They get real world experience in fields in which they are interested in and an idea of what their future career path may look like.

It's ready-for-work programme designed around three modules; career coaching/mentoring, experiential workshops and career pathway events.

The research evaluations completed to date provide positive feedback that Career Navigator is ‘hitting the mark’, with students telling us they had:

  • An increased awareness of what was expected from them in the workplace;
  • Gained skills and confidence in their ability to make career and subject choices; and
  • That ‘Option Selection Days’ helped students to identify suitable career and subject choices, confirmed their current choices or encouraged them to carefully consider their future career path and relevant subjects.