Funding your studies

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Funding your studies

Funding Your Studies

To help fund your further studies there are various options that can help you.

Student loans

Student loans are the most common way to fund further studies and are accessible by people meeting basic tertiary studying requirements. Student loans can cover all of your course fees, up to $1,000.00 per year for course-related costs and up to $175.96 per week for living costs.

For more information on student loans, visit the Studylink website

Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) website also has a lot of information about paying off student loans, going overseas whilst you still have a student loan, interest, when you have to start making payments etc.

Go to the Inland Revenue Department website


A student allowance is a weekly payment to help with living expenses.

Visit Studylink to see factors that might change your eligibility for a student allowance:

Go to the Studylink website


Scholarships, awards and grants are another great way to fund your studies! BreakOut is database that will search for scholarships, awards and grants that are suitable for you to apply for based on what is relevant to you and what you want to do!

Go to the BreakOut website