Gap years

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Gap years

Gap Years

The options for your gap year are endless, but here are some options you could consider.


Getting a job and working for a year is always a great way to earn some money so that you can continue studying the next year.


Travelling, whether it is around New Zealand or overseas, it could give you some inspiration about what career path you want to follow or it is just a great experience and a lot of fun before you start building up a student loan!


If you want to experience the world don’t want to go on your own an exchange could be the option for you! Exchanges can take you a huge selection of countries and can be for different length of time.

Whilst on an exchange you would live with another family, as part of their family, and experience the culture and way of life of your country of choice!

There are many Exchange Programs run by different organisations. Check out the ones below:

AFS Intercultural Programmes


Student Exchange Programs NZ

Study Abroad

Youth For Understanding (YFU) Student Exchange New Zealand

Your Education High School Exchanges

Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

Find out more about VSO