Students' views on university options

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Students' views on university options

What students thought...

Auckland University of Technology

“I'm currently at Auckland University of Technology, studying to become a paramedic. Auckland is a big place with a great campus life. Meeting a range of people and getting involved with a number of activities. AUT offers numerous degrees from commerce and technology through to health science, with student support being the focus.”

Victoria University of Wellington

“I chose Victoria University of Wellington as I thought it was the best University for what I wanted to do. I wanted to and am currently studying Media Design with a minor in Computer Science and I dreamed of being someone who would create games, films and aid in the advancement of modern entertainment. The courses at Victoria were far more diverse for what I wanted to do and had a large range of options to pick from. By having various specialisations available for my course means I have the freedom to choose what I want to focus on. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and all assignments I have been given. Mixing with like-minded people and talking to them about their courses meant that I have now become interested in studying for another major – one in Industrial Design.”

“I have finally finished my second year of study at Victoria University of Wellington, doing a Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in English Literature and History. Studying in Wellington is really fun, the city is a really great place to live. The culture that comes along with Wellington is what I enjoy about it the most. There is always something to see and do, and when the weather is nice … it is a really great city to explore. I really enjoy studying at Victoria because they offer so much for you to learn, it is easy to find papers that you find interesting and want to study.”

“This year I have been studying Law and Politics at Victoria University in Wellington. Wellington is an awesome city to live in as a student. There is always something fun to do in this bustling city with a cool music and art scene, and plenty of coffee, all in walking distance. Wellington has been ideal for studying politics. With the University's close proximity to the beehive, I can witness political change as it happens and have benefited from politicians speaking at my classes. The law campus is also in central Wellington close to parliament, the courts and law firms so I can make the most of my study here.”